Kalli Prendergast

Photographer/ Entrepreneur/ Traveler

Who is behind the lens?

It is I, Kalli Prendergast. I am 21 year old entrepreneur. My photography journey began after stopping a sport that was my whole life, soccer.


I picked up my camera and decided to see what would happen. Within a quick few months, I had plenty of inquries book me for special occasions. it hit me that if other people saw a vision for what I could do, I knew I needed to cast that vision for myself. (Grateful for all of you)

Fast forward 3 years later, here we are. I have recently decided to dive into this journey as a photographer full-time.

My passion for meeting people, hearing their stories and Kapturing what I see behind a lens, has never left me. I am a self taught entrepreneur.

I have an eye to Kapture and believe that shouldn't be limited. 

"You name it, I will Kapture it"

When I Kapture, I do it with style, purpose and feeling. I am not just an ordinary photographer, I really bleed passion in what I do and strive to make your photoshoot an amazing experience. I want everyone to witness how truly beautiful they are and the world is through my lens. 

 I specialize in portrait photography. 

Home is currently Reno, Nevada but I have the ability to travel at my fingertips. Therefor no worries if you're not near Reno, I will travel to you!

I am really so grateful for each and every one of you. If I have met you or haven't, I look forward to connecting and Kapturing special moments behind the lens for you.

Sending you all my good vibes and good energy, 

Kalli Prendergast