Are you looking for photos of your business, for your business, instagram, website or promotional uses? Are you an influencer looking for images of you in action or with a brand?

Are you a musician looking to up your content? 

I would love to work with you and create your photos needs. 

In addition to stellar images, you will receive spot on my website.

Email me directly for inquiries 


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Now Catering!

Sauces, Spices, Marinades and Rubs all made by Joneseys BBQ, family owned and operated since 2015.


The mouthwatering catering has everything to satisfy those BBQ tastebuds: Cornbread, Mac and Cheese, Brisket, Beans, Green Beans, Baked Potatoes and so much more. 

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"Our promise to each client is to work as a team and create life long, sustainable and realistic goals. Whether it's weight loss, muscle gains, endurance or simply stabilizing enough to safely walk through your house or the grocery store. We can accomplish this together."


Discover the exciting new way to find the businesses your friends and family love the most!

Sircles is recommendations from friends and people you trust. Store your favorite movie reccomendations, restaurants  nail salon. Easily find and map your friends favorites. Get rewarded for sharing. Create your Sircle of Trust™. No longer rely on Yelp reviews written by strangers. They are often fake or false. Sircles is, and always will be, a positive, sharing community.

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Magic Carpet

Golf Course

Largest Mini Golf Course

 in Reno, Nevada

Magic Carpet Golf offers a unique miniature golf experience that consists of family-oriented entertainment. We are dedicated to creating a fun and safe atmosphere and unique experiences for participants of all ages. Whether you want to bring your family or are organizing a larger event, Magic Carpet Golf welcomes all. Come enjoy some miniature golf while surrounding by unique animal and fantasy sculptures.




We want everyone to know that it's alright to be happy with who you are.


It's important for everyone to be true to who they are in a time when judgement and discrimination are so prevalent. 


Let's build a community that continues to break down barriers and break through stereotypes.


It's okay to be you and DO U.

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     I am Trev $tone, born and raised in Reno NV, The BIGGEST LITTLE CITY (B.L.C). I am a 20 Year old Producer/Recording Artist/Writer/VISONARY, all in all I am an artists. Currently a Sushi Chef , but I got bigger dreams.

    My father , being the punk rock guy he is, got me into music at an early age. I grew up listening to alot of 90’s-2000’s Punk and Alternative/Experimental Rock. I started drumming at the age of 7. Then I progressed into Guitar , Singing , Writing and what not, till I discovered music production. Because I found music production I taught myself piano, and music theory then at 16 began my own musical Journey. I have dropped countless beat tapes over my 4 short years of being a “musician.”

    My biggest influences to name off the top of my head are, Drake, Kanye , Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, Young Thugg, NOFX, The USED, Saosin, Sam Cooke , Chris Brown, Incubus, Felly, Rihanna, Etc. 

     My true goal in music is to create the feeling of infinity , i wanna make people feel EVERYTHING. Truely i just want to make people feel , good , sad , excited , happy , mad, RAGE , because, i believe , in our day to day life we dont do enough FEELING. Just working and consuming and what not. Art Speaks where words cannot. I wish to do huge gigantic shows oneday, where the entire crowds are jumping up and down on their feet , having fun , singing along , raging, truely feeling.

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Kayla Rae


I am Kayla Rae, I’m a singer/songwriter from Reno, NV. My sound could best be described as soulful, throaty and passionate. I first fell in love with singing and music at the age of 3. At age 11, I began vocal and stage presence training at Take 2 Performers Studio where I learned how to work a stage and have more control over my voice. I’m a whopping twenty-one years old now, and I somehow feel like I’m just getting started. 

My song, “Midnight” was named one of the Top 20 Best Local Songs of 2018 by The Reno Gazette Journal, and has been played across the local radio stations here. From this, I’ve made a lot of new connections in my city and have met so many talented individuals with my similar interests. 

My main goal is to inspire others. As corny or overused as that may be, it’s true! I love nothing more than when someone comes to me and tells me they enrolled in vocal lessons because I inspired them to do so, or writes a song and says they did it because they saw me do it and got inspired to try it for themselves. 

My message to others is: always stay true to yourself. Be authentic, have fun, and tell your story to the best of your ability. 

   Now, enough about me. Get out there & follow your dreams! No matter how big or small.

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